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We have to save our trees because if qe want to live more then save tree and love tree. For making new building and makin apartment engineers are cutting trees day by day. They burn the forest for making new way to live we have to take care of our greenary and plant more trees day by day.

The big problem is pollution when we didn’t change this pollution to safe zone our forest and plants got destroy day by day. Many new generation people nevr understand the importance of forest and trees from them we take oxygen to live in this world.

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We have to love trees and atleast plant more trees day by day if we have time. Our new coming generation has to face many problems if this situation can’t control. In next centuries people have to wera oxygen mask to move outside from their houses that situation comes if we can’t understand now.

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We have to love trees and forest because they help us to live our life. All the human beings have to understand this important note that we are in the zone of oxygen if oxygen destroy then we can’t live on this planet we have to save our planet.

Many new born babies having manu problmes to survive in this world because of pollution and many more things. If you have to make your baby healthy then you have yo plant more trees which gives more oxygen to us.

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That’s why old age people are love to walk early in the morning in greenary field they know the actual quality of this trees. They get fresh oxygen to them and helps them to away from many types of diseases. They give shadow to them when sunlight is too much in the summers. People comes to take rest in the shadow of tree.

Trees are giving us many things regarding to our health but we are not doing sufficient work for them. We have to plant more trees not to cut them we have to give water to them on time.

Wrapping up

They are also thirst and they take carbon di oxide and release oxygen. That oxygen we take and in return we give carbon di oxide to them. So our we doing sufficient for them, No we have to take care of them and get all the information about them. This us the actual help we give to them.