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In the teenagers life something good has to be happen in college life if it’s love or confusion. But in this story you’ll see a David and two cuties with him Salena and Divya. They three are in the same batch and they are a good friends but David is very popular in the college and he is the boxing champion from last 2 years.

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That’s why he us so popular and all the college girls are flat on him. Same thing with Salena and Divya they also like David but both the girls thought they were friends if she tell something to him their friends would break.

About Relationship

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Same things happens with Divya but Divya is very open minded she always says indirectly to David that she likes him alot. Divya is really hot girl in the college but she likes David. In the library of college many times Divya and David make out and many times she spend nighta on David’s house.

Salena wants her love in the face of David but David is a playboy of college. They change their girls like changing clothes in a day but he never make any girlfriend.

Why Breakup?

At a same day Salena went to David’s house and she see something big on his house that David and Divya are sleeping together in the bed. She’s heart get broked but she never tells to anyone because she know that no one knows that she loves David instead David doesn’t know about this thing.

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But after some time she get normal and start busy in her work. When she meets with David again she tells him about her feelings. Then David got realize and he accept her as his fiance and at the end of the year they gpt married.

After marriage they both were happy together amd David never saw another women beacuse he also loves her alot. That’s the story of one popular guy and two cute girls in the college how they met and get attached with each other. But only true loves get the chance to marry with the right one.

No one can stop him or her to do anything now because they’re a married couple now. They both were really happy in their entire world. Divya also got married with a businessman and settled with her family in other cities.

Funny Facts about Mangazuki

There are two boys in college they want something big in their life but they were not rich and not have sufficient money to buy anything. They are of middle class family there name is Charlie and Johnson.

Once a day in there college dance competition held for couples, group’s and solo. They thought they are also a good dancer but there interest is in Technical field. They take part in the dance competition for just fun. But yhey have to practice alot to compete with other dancers because they don’t know about the dance.

They start watching videos of dance and start learning through it but they know about their talent and they stop practicing but they start other plans.


To do prank with other dancers at the last moment they cancelled there name from competition. Both of them has the best knowledge of hacking they want to do some fun in tye last year of college and they do. They started making plans and do the same things in their technical field. Everyone is practicing for the competition but they both were planing for some fun. The day of competition comes and their plans has to execute that day.

When the first contestant comes on the stage and play their music but suddenly music was changed and some other funny jokes and sounds comes. All the audience were laughing and start making jokes on it. As same as they do same with other members of the competition they hack their music albums and change the sound from it. This is the last year fun which they do in thw college with other students. After a week they were caught by the principal and get suspend from the college for 2 weeks. But they do all the effort with their heart because they want to do something amazing in the last year and they did it.

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